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  • agnoscere — index recognize (perceive) Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • Agnoscere — The terms Agnoscere or Cognoscere are Latin verbs which may refer to: Knowledge Cognition Cognizance (disambiguation) Viam agnoscere veritatis (disambiguation), various 13th century papal communications with the Mongols See also List of… …   Wikipedia

  • Viam agnoscere veritatis (1248) — Viam agnoscere veritatis is the name of a letter written by Pope Innocent IV to the Mongols. It was written on November 22, 1248, and was Pope Innocent s reply to a message from Mongol commander Baiju. Innocent IV had previously sent two letters… …   Wikipedia

  • Viam agnoscere veritatis — or Viam cognoscere veritatis , both meaning That they know the way of truth , refers to one of the following papal communications from Pope Innocent IV to the Mongols in the 13th century:* Dei patris immensa, letter sent March 5, 1245, carried by …   Wikipedia

  • Dei patris immensa — For other similar letters, see Viam agnoscere veritatis. Dei patris immensa was a letter written by Pope Innocent IV to the Mongols (the Pope also wrote other letters to the Mongols, which are known as Cum non solum and Viam agnoscere veritatis) …   Wikipedia

  • Aïbeg and Serkis — Aïbeg and Serkis, also Aibeg and Sergis or Aïbäg and Särgis, were two ambassadors sent by the Mongol ruler Baichu to Pope Innocent IV in 1247 1248. They were the first Mongol envoys to Europe. Aïbeg ( Moon Prince ) is thought to have been a… …   Wikipedia

  • recognoistre — Recognoistre, act. pe. Agnoscere, Cognoscere, Recognoscere, Noscitare. Ainsi dit on, Recognoistre sa scedule, Autographum agnoscere. et Recognoissance de scedule, Agnitio autographi. Recognoistre aussi est explorer, sonder. Explorare, comme,… …   Thresor de la langue françoyse

  • Ascelin of Lombardia — receiving a letter from Pope Innocent IV, and remitting it to the Mongol general Baiju. Ascelin of Lombardia, also known as Nicolas Ascelin or Ascelin of Cremona, was a 13th century Dominican friar whom Pope Innocent IV sent as an envoy to the… …   Wikipedia

  • Franco-Mongol alliance — 1305 letter (a roll measuring 302 by 50 centimetres (9.91 by 1.6 ft)) from the Ilkhan Mongol Öljaitü to King Philip IV of France, suggesting military collaboration …   Wikipedia

  • Cum non solum — For other similar letters, see Viam agnoscere veritatis. Cum non solum was a letter written by Pope Innocent IV to the Mongols on March 13, 1245. In it, Pope Innocent appeals to the Mongols to desist from attacking Christians and other nations,… …   Wikipedia

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